Sales Tracking App

Sales Tracker App

Real Time Order Management
When online, the sales representatives have a real time access on tablet. Thus, they can confidently engage in a sales transaction knowing the available products inline and close the deal by having the customer sign directly on the tablet (without any time loss and by reducing the risk of Customer is engagement..)
Backend CRM
CRM will have access based on user permission to view order history, their addresses and coordinates. Write personal comments and find them on a map (geo-location). On a travel or at a remote location.

Data Synchronization
App will works on tablet even without Internet connection. Just synchronize your device 1st time with all location before visiting a customer.
If back online, you will simply need to synchronize the device by hitting one button to send the previously generated purchase orders.
Order Management
Generate and manage your customers orders on the field and you can edit a order.
The Sales tracking platform will have the following back end features:
• The Sales tracking will be on such a platform that the data will automatically refresh real time, without change in user interface.
• Ability to track real-time, the locations of all the holders of the tablet with Application on
Google Maps.
• The symbols of the sales rep shall be shown moving in real time for the respective monitoring
• Personnel as and when needed. The Clients locations (places visited) will also be shown on the
same map.
• Managers can see in real time the route taken by the sales rep, Clients visited, Clients yet to be visited as per beat plan and as per tracking.
• The Managers will be able to able to see in real-time the orders taken for respective Clients.
• Clients whose orders have been taken will be colored blue and remain same until order gets approved from Backend Dashboard with respective managerial approvals.
• The Manager will have the ability to assign particular sales personnel to attend to any
Pharmacies by clicking on the sales rep symbol.